October 2002

i just found out someone i knew from several mailing lists has passed away. i’m still in shock. he was one of the kindest and nicest people i never got the chance to meet. chuck you will be missed.


last night when i went into work my supervisor wanted to talk to me. last week they begged and pleaded for me to take this saturday class that is 3.5 hours long. in the end i gave in, and now the old teacher wants the class back! if you agree to teach a class, and decide to quit that class you have to pay the school nt$3,000(almost u.s.$100). well, when the teacher got his paycheck and saw that on it he freaked out. claiming he didn’t know that(i don’t understand how some of these teachers don’t know this, do they just not pay attention to what they are told when they are hired?). anyway, so he wants the old class back. i think this is unfair to the students as they have had different teachers almost every week. in the end i’m going to teach the class, but they won’t fine the teacher $3000. weird.

recently, my friend garth had asked me about about toys available here. some of them are of course, but after talking about toys, it made me want to go buy toys again. so last night after work i went to the shilin nightmarket and bought this toy from the world of monsterism series. they are sold in boxes where you don’t know which one you are going to get. they aren’t the cheapest toy for how small they are, but i’m already planning to go back and buy more…

i just got an email from my friend peter nacken, who has just moved to fiji with his wife. he’s started a blog about their days in fiji. it makes me want to go to fiji! hmm, maybe one day.

peter and i went to hsintien today. we wanted to go bowling. i haven’t been bowling in ages, in fact i think i’ve only bowled once in my life. i suck at it, but i still enjoy trying. we decided to go for italian food first. it wasn’t terrible, but hardly great either. one of those places where they have crammed too many tables together. i hate that kind of place where you feel like you are eating on some stranger’s lap. luckily the place was pretty empty so that wasn’t a problem. but the salad tasted like it had been sitting in a refrigerator for a day or two. not too fresh and drowned in some terrible dressing. the soup was better. but peter said his spaghetti was pretty bland. my lasagna was a bit strange too. not a place we’ll be going back to. when we got to the bowling place all we saw were pool tables. so we left. well, so much for going bowling.

i’ve had a chance to listen to that shelly manne disc, and i’ve found that jazz gunn is ok, but he really shines on daktari which sounds like some lost exotica favourite. lots of jungle sounding instrumentation. very cool.

i’ve also found myself spending lots of time at this site of flash games. i especially like the ufo game where you have a camcorder and you are trying to film a ufo in the sky. i like this cause after your battery dies or you run out of tape, you can actually watch the footage you shot.

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