this is a picture of the burnt bread boy(i think that’s what he is called in english) shop that used to be in hsimenting. i wasn’t certain it was really gone, but today i saw where it used to be and that the sign had been taken down, so alas, another shop closes.

while in hsinmenting i went to impo. i was suprised to see other foreigners in there. by the way they talked, they sounded new to taiwan. i ended up picking up return of the roughnecks the best of the chameleons i have a good deal of what is on here, but it contains a bonus disc with the tony fletcher walked on water ep. this was the last thing recorded before they split up way back when. i think somewhere i have demo versions of these songs on tape. so i’m looking forward to hearing these songs again.

before going to hsimenting i stopped by another cd shop and picked up one of those japanese mini vinyl reissues. this one is place vendome by the swingle singers with the modern jazz quartet. the swingle singers were a 60s accapella group. mainly they do classical music accapella which is rather cool. i have downloaded them doing things like the james bond theme, star wars theme, etc. but i have no idea where those things came from. i keep hoping those more pop songs they have done will be reissued on cd, but so far i haven’t seen it.