February 2003

mr. rogers is dead. another childhood hero gone. sad. sad. sad.


the taipei film festival is happening next month, and for once i have a little advanced warning to try to get tickets. it looks like a lot of the films have english subtitles so i’m hoping to see alot of films. but unfortunately, my work hours are going to cut into seeing as much as i’d like to. there is even a student film festival, but i don’t see any information on subtitles for those films.

once upon a time cool and strange music magazine was going to put out a compilation cd of various thriftstore finds, sadly the actual cd will not be happening. but the good news is they have put up the compilation for download. i’m still in the process of downloading, but it looks like it’ll be pure bliss for my ears. fans of otis fodder’s 365 days should take special not of this.

things just seem to be getting scarier and scarier in the states. ted has just blogged about how his sister-in-law and her husbund had their bags searched upon entering the u.s. without them being present. and inside their luggage was a note saying they were not responsible if anything was damaged.

why is it that custom officials are rarely held accountable? i’ve had friends searched by the border guards(u.s. border guards) on returning from canada. the guards are so gung-ho that you are hiding something that they tear apart your car making a big mess, and then leave it that way! then instead of apologizing or saying sorry this is just a routine check, they act like they didn’t catch you this time but next time they will.

more and more i’m wondering if it’s worth it to return to the states at all, even for a visit.

last night around 2 am some dog decided to park it’s butt at the end of our lane and bark its head off. surprisingly none of the dogs that live on this lane answered. but it sure didn’t help me sleep hearing that barking bouncing off the walls of the buildings here.

after the dog left, we got treated to loud yelling and talking by some neighbors. this lasted until well after 3 am. peter and i both got up to see where these people were. it sounded like they were right outside our apartment, but they were inside an apartment across the lane with windows wide open. peter called the police and they actually showed up and made the people go away(they must of been visiting someone). thankfully this sort of thing doesn’t happen very often.

the photobloggies winners have been announced. a few of the blogs i voted for won. though i was surprised that the finalists(for what the rest of us voted on) were picked by only three judges, due to the fact that no one volunteered to be one. considering all the bitching that went on over the regular bloggies, this sort of surprises me. i’m curious to how many people actually voted though.

the other day i picked up a cheapo dvd of the pink panther cartoons. one thing i miss is watching cartoons that i can understand. nearly all the cartoons shown here in taiwan are dubbed into mandarin often without any chinese subtitles even(most shows here have chinese subtitles regardless of language being used). one of the few shows i could watch and still understand was the pink panther since there is usually no speaking in those cartoons, it all works visually. has there ever been a cartoon as sophisticated and hip as the pink panther? i think not.

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