March 2003

apparently driving two vans and a white panel truck is enough to get you pulled over as suspected terrorists as god speed you black emperor recently found out. via die puny humans.


paul has decided to give up his blog. sad as i really enjoyed his book reviews. since his blog is no more, i’ve decided to update my blog links. adding delicado and quiddity. delicado is a dangerous blog for me because his record reviews always make me want to go spend my entire paycheck at dusty groove.

in one of my classes we were discussing old customs and superstitions and my students told me the following:

if you whistle after dark it will attract ghosts.

you should never take a picture of three girls/women.

you shouldn’t whistle because the ghosts will bring you bad luck and you’ll have to go to a temple to get a charm so they’ll leave you alone. you shouldn’t take a picture of three girls because it looks like the chinese character for rape(this character is made up of three woman characters). most of my students said that no one really follows or believes these things anymore, but then another of my students spoke up and said a friend of hers had the ghost problem, and recently had to get a charm so it would leave him alone. i guess it’s a good thing i’m not in the habit of whistling after dark.

kevin sites blog from inside iraq has been forced to stop publishing. from his blog:

I’ve been asked to suspend my war blogging for awhile.

But I don’t want let you down — I’m chronicling the events of my war experiences,

the same as I always have, and hope to come to agreement with CNN in the near

future to make them available to you in some shape or form, perhaps on this site.

sounds like the mighty CNN has spoken. well, here’s another reason why i distrust CNN. via die puny humans.

last night peter and i watched the vcd for serial mom. i wish we had this on dvd, but it’s only available here on low quality vcd. it was great to see this again. i always forget how much i love this movie. it may not be as outrageous as john waters early films, but it’s still out there compared to most tame hollywood movies.

years ago when i was still in seattle i had a portion of the crank call from this film on my answering machine. one day i came home to find 30 messages on my machine. most were people hanging up, one was someone cussing back at my phone, and one was from a hotel. two people had called to listen to the messge and discuss what to do with “the problem”, you see my number was identicle to the number of a hotel, except to get the hotel you had to dial 800 first. some would not do that and would get all offended at my message. after they listened to my message, they forgot to hang up their phone so i got to hear their conversation about what to do about the situation(ie me). one of them laughed after they heard the message because they knew where it came from, but the other person was more serious. but really what could they do? it wasn’t my fault that their customers were stupid enough to call the wrong number and think they’d gotten a hotel. i half expected them to send me a letter asking me to change my message, but i never heard from them.

why are americans so afraid of sex? i’m sure we’ll see more scary things like this now that the war has started. i just hope other countries don’t follow the u.s. example. via follow me here.

recently die puny humans mentioned that there was a new captain scarlet program in the works, but this time using computer animation. so i headed over to fanderson to check out the details and it is indeed true. i also discovered they are working on a live action film version of thunderbirds. why is it that instead of being excited by this, i’m well, disappointed or disgusted? there was a time when i would of thought such news was cool, fine and dandy. with captain scarlet, why don’t they use the new technology with a new story instead of just rehashing the old one? it may turn out being really cool in the end i’ll have to wait and see, but my misgivings are still there. updating of old tv shows just seems like a way to attract an audience based on a familiar name even when the end product has very little to do with the original idea. hopefully that won’t be the case here, but i’m not so sure.

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