August 2003

flash mob comes to taiwan, sort of. aside from this failed attempt in taichung, i heard there was another recent attempt in taipei, but when the press out numbered the participants, the participants chickened out.


a few days ago i got a nifty package in the mail from my friend erin. the wonders inside were:

  • a sesame street pillow case

  • a modern english tour t-shirt from 1984

  • life lessons from the bradys by anthony rubino jr. (pocket book)

the modern english t-shirt is a large, but still doesn’t fit me, either i’ve gotten rather fat, it’s shrunken quite a bit, or a large was much smaller in 1984. i was never able to see modern english live, though they were one of my favourites from the 80s. the brady book has lots of advice to give such as:

saying “pork chops and applesauce” in the voice of humphrey bogart can be a lot of fun. give it a try. you know you want to.

if you’re going to an unfamiliar tiki cave in hawaii to return a cursed idol, leave a trail of popcorn so people can find you in the unlikely event that you’re held hostage by vincent price.

ah, yes. definately advice worth heeding.

facelift for a corrupt industry, a critical look at the itunes store:

People are paying for songs on the iTunes Music Store because they think it’s a good way to support musicians. But by giving musicians just a few cents from each sale, iTunes destroys a huge opportunity. Instead of creating a system that gets virtually all of fans’ money directly to artists– finally possible with the internet– iTunes takes a big step backwards. Apple calls iTunes “revolutionary” but really they’re just letting record companies force the same exploitive and unfair business model onto a new medium.

via j-walk.

the 25 greatest electronic albums of the 20th century. another list to drive me batty. apparently the 20th century began in 1977. they do qualify this later in the article by saying they settled for the last 25 years, but how boring is that? why not just be honest at the beginning and call it what it is, instead of pretending these even remotely reflect the 20th century? where is perrey and kingsley? or the music of les baxter that uses a theremin? or clara rockmore for that matter? my suspicion is it’s another list created by people too young and too ignorant to know about music that happened prior to 1977. i’m not surprised, but it’s still disappointing.

looks like the blog’s going to be pictureless for awhile, as the server they are on is getting upgraded.

part of me is surprised that there are still goths, but a goth day at disneyland? have the goths gone commercial? via wwdn.

yesterday i hung out with a new arrival in taipei, cindy. we spent the afternoon talking about music in taiwan and teaching. she clued me in on the haku’s house webpage. they have lots of groovy old records for sale. some of the western ones aren’t too expensive, but the asian/international ones are on the pricey side.

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