September 2003

in my class on saturday we were discussing this article about using bacteria to create different sounds on a cd. this lead to my students asking what is glitch? how do you describe glitch? one of the students had a basic idea about it, but most of the students had never heard of it. i don’t really have much glitch in my music collection. but i’ll probably bring in some mouse on mars next week for them to get an idea of what glitch sounds like.


the international art blog, a group blog with people reporting on various art events around the world. via indigoblog.

when peter and i were in hualien, wherever we would go, people would stare at me. it was like i was a movie star or something. there are a lot less foreigners there, so i really stood out.

at the airport we sat in the seats in the open air just outside the main doors. we’d watch the parade of people catching flights and those that had just gotten off them, and they would in turn stare at me.

this one guy came out of the airport, stared, then walked a little way over from us to make a phone call and continued to stare. i hadn’t noticed but peter said he was really staring, but really we should of been staring at him as it turned out he was one of the actors from the gay mini-series crystal boys(i wouldn’t of recognized him if peter hadn’t mentioned it though). i’ve blogged about the series before, the show was so popular that a commercial station here even showed it. and currently it’s showing on the public television station again. now if only they’d release a dvd version with english subtitles.

oh, and more photos of the temple in hualien can be found here.

i’ve had an evil cold for most of this week, and i haven’t gone into work in days. this won’t stop my plans to go to hualien and to taroko gorge tomorrow. i’ve been wanting to visit hualien for literally years, but everytime i try, something comes up to interfere with it. due to the trip, i probably won’t be blogging again until sunday at the earliest.

in taiwan geoscientists predict big eartquake in next six years and in japan a big earthquake has been predicted for tokyo this week. apparently it’s earthquake prediction season around here.

on saturday, peter and i went to see down with love as it’s just opened here. i really enjoyed it, the sets, the clothes, the music. the audience didn’t seem to find it as funny as i did though. peter said that maybe they haven’t seen as many old movies so they don’t really get the jokes. that may be it, or the subtitles were just missing certain things. i suspect a little of both. despite the great sets and clothes, i wish the film would of had a better visual style to really show off those things. something along how i remember the visual style of parents being. but then those old doris day comedies, don’t really have a style like that either.

i finally got around to adding an amazon wishlist to this blog. do people really send gifts to strangers from these things? while looking around amazon, i discovered some of my favourite films as a child have been released on dvd(the love god, the ghost and mr. chicken, escape to witch mountain,…). well, they are on my list in case some kind soul feels like spoiling me(and hey, this blog will be a year old on october third in case you need some sort of justification).

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