October 2003

mogwai are coming to taiwan, but tickets are mega expensive. in advance they are selling for nt $1450(about u.s.$42) and for nt$1650(about u.s.$48 ) at the door. this doesn’t appear to be a big show either. just a little club show, so who is responsible for the inflated ticket prices? mogwai themselves, the promoters or this new club?

when i saw seam a few years ago, tickets were nt$500, when i saw pink martini nt$300(for the cheap seats, the closer seats were more expensive), when lisa ono was here a few years ago the cheapest seats were nt$900 and went up from there, and when seagull screaming kiss her kiss her were here it was free!

so why is this show so expensive? especially when it is just in a little club. i mean if it was a big name band like radiohead i could understand the expense(i wouldn’t like it, but i could understand it) but mogwai? maybe someone’s mixed up taipei with tokyo.

needless to say, this is one show i won’t be attending. plus it’s happening right after my birthday weekend(the wishlist is to the left for anyone wishing to spoil me rotten). we’ll be going to kenting that weekend. a place people have been telling me for years i should visit. we’re not going specifically for my birthday, but my school just happens to be closed that weekend, so i have the opportunity to go somewhere.


“sylvia plath put her head in an oven…” & other disturbing deaths in the literary world. a site detailing how authors died. an interesting fact i learned from this page is that when percy bysshe shelley was cremated his heart wouldn’t burn so they gave it to his wife as a souvenir. makes me think of those people that have their pets stuffed after they die, so they’ll still be around. i wonder if it’d be legal to preserve your loved ones in formaldehyde after they die instead of having them buried? you could keep them in giant glass containers in the basement. “this is your grandfather, and your great grandmother…” it could be creepy and educational! via quiddity.

otis fodder, mastermind behind the 365 days of mp3 madness is selling off some of his music collection to pay some bills. the cds i bought from him arrived yesterday:

  • this is beaumont ~ beaumont
  • plays lost tv themes ~ stereophonic space sound unlimited
  • the fluid soundbox ~ stereophonic space sound unlimited
  • the spacesound effect ~ stereophonic space sound unlimited
  • bombay the hard way guns cars & sitars

beaumont is on the siesta label and fit in nicely with a lot of the soft & sunshine pop i’m into these days. i’ve seen this in the shops here, but never bought it. and now i’m wondering why i hadn’t picked it up sooner.

stereophonic space sound unlimited is probably best described as surf meets spaceage pop. very nice.

bombay the hard way is a bollywood comp. i’m a little confused as there are dialogue samples in english but i thought bollywood films were shot in hindi. either way i’m digging the music.

last week i went to the taipei fine arts museum. one of the shows was devoted to taiwanese avant garde art in the sixties. this was very interesting because at the time taiwan was hardly a free society. there were heated discussions on modern art and if it was good or even art. some paintings were confiscated at this time for being “too political” and were not returned to the artists until 1980. i don’t know in what way these paintings were political, as they certainly don’t appear that way now. unless it had something to do with the titles of the work.

also on display was a retrospective of the visual 10 photography group. a group of photographers that documented different aspects of taiwanese society. some of this work was really interesting, just to look back at that time or at the design and fashion style throughout the years.

there was another photography show on as well. but there were no pamphlets about it and the tfam website doesn’t have any information on it, so i’m not sure who it was. but it was very interesting, as the photographs had been altered digitally. sometimes just slightly, other times greatly. one photograph featured manhole covers, which made me think of jean’s post about manhole covers.

in the need of a new photo project to contribute to? how about the eye project? or the toy project? or the tattoo project? or the head project?

i was surprised to see some tattoos of chinese characters that actually look good, as most of the tattoos i’ve seen of chinese characters look rather terrible. i’ll probably contribute something to the toy project, and i don’t think i’ll be able to resist taking a picture of the back of my head in front of my computer screen. via fiendish is the word.

today i went to the museum of contemporary art. one of the shows at the museum features works of a political nature. some of these pieces probably wouldn’t make sense if you weren’t familiar with the problems taiwan encounters due to being internationally isolated. there was on piece dealing with the so called comfort women. women forced to be prostitutes for the japanese during the occupation. another piece consisted of manicans dressed as taiwanese soldiers contemplating bananas(i think this was my favourite). there was even a photograph of a urinal that looked like ancient chinese porcelin. good to see that the influence of duchamp is alive and well.

today is double ten, taiwan’s national day. sort of like independance day, but since taiwan hasn’t declared it’s independance it’s just a national day. there are fireworks, parades and politicians using it to further their own political agendas. happy double ten taiwan!

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