mogwai are coming to taiwan, but tickets are mega expensive. in advance they are selling for nt $1450(about u.s.$42) and for nt$1650(about u.s.$48 ) at the door. this doesn’t appear to be a big show either. just a little club show, so who is responsible for the inflated ticket prices? mogwai themselves, the promoters or this new club?

when i saw seam a few years ago, tickets were nt$500, when i saw pink martini nt$300(for the cheap seats, the closer seats were more expensive), when lisa ono was here a few years ago the cheapest seats were nt$900 and went up from there, and when seagull screaming kiss her kiss her were here it was free!

so why is this show so expensive? especially when it is just in a little club. i mean if it was a big name band like radiohead i could understand the expense(i wouldn’t like it, but i could understand it) but mogwai? maybe someone’s mixed up taipei with tokyo.

needless to say, this is one show i won’t be attending. plus it’s happening right after my birthday weekend(the wishlist is to the left for anyone wishing to spoil me rotten). we’ll be going to kenting that weekend. a place people have been telling me for years i should visit. we’re not going specifically for my birthday, but my school just happens to be closed that weekend, so i have the opportunity to go somewhere.