November 2003

warren ellis takes a somewhat scathing look at the state of pop music today. his comments on things like american idol seem dead on(and don’t even get me started on things like those morons chip and reichen(and their idoiotic worshippers) or the stupidity of terms like meterosexual(a term that reinforces old stereotypes that all gay men are good dressers and that straight men can’t possibly be good dressers)).

his criticism of bands like the vines makes me think of the fact that they are being pushed on television here much in the same way that linkin park and avril lavigne were in the past. maybe it’s just me, but i tend to be rather suspect of bands being pushed by major labels on television.

it does often seem that there isn’t much good new music being made, but it’s there. you just have to look a little harder. i’m thinking in particular of the siesta label which has brought us lots of good music, or the lo-fi sounds of the pancakes from hong kong, or bands like don tiki, tipsy, twink, not to mention momus or sketch show. via die puny humans.


as you can see from the button on the sidebar, i’ve become a secret santa. you can become one too. it’s quite simple. and who doesn’t love getting gifts? all you need to participate is a website, email address and an amazon wishlist(and something on that wishlist that isn’t too expensive(ie under u.s.$20)). then on december 10th they’ll email you with the info on who you are buying for. this of course means ideally someone else will be buying for you too.

the onion av club interviews burt bacharach. were oasis really so important in the re-evaluation of burt bacharach? i guess my newfound respect for him came more through exposure to pizzicato five(and everything they referenced) than some hyped uk rock band. via the exoticalist.

last night i spent some time over at photoblogs checking out the photoblogs listed there. i came across a few interesting ones. i really like the icelandic shots on misc photography and there are some nice shots on dupe as well.

i also found this write up about transferring photos to canvas. it sounds like a cool idea. i may try it, or maybe just to t-shirts. i’m not sure if i can find all the materials needed here, but i’d still like to try.

when did genesis p-orridge get breasts? oh my. via die puny humans.

yesterday i discovered that the two towers 4 disc set has been released here. so i bought it(the clerk made a point of telling me it was region three, and i told him i knew). last night we sat down and watched the extended director’s cut. i’d forgotten how much i’d enjoyed this film. nice to see something good again after the disappointing kill bill and matrix movies. i once told a friend that i thought the lord of the rings series of films were this generation’s star wars. i’m not sure how accurate that is. i mean are there kids going around pretending they are frodo or gandalf or gollum? maybe it’s just when i watch lord of the rings it reminds me of how i felt when i watched the star wars movies. of course lord of the rings has a superior director(not to mention the books it’s based on), so that may have something to do with it.

here’s something i could really use the next time i go to the movies: the cell phone jammer. doesn’t look like it’d silence everyone in the theater but it may silence those close to me…via j-walk.

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