December 2003

this evening peter and i fly to seattle to spend the holidays with my family. so there’ll be no updates on robot action boy until january 3rd at the earliest. if you haven’t done so already, head on over to the asia weblog awards and take a look at some of the great blogs that have been nominated. as mentioned before, robot action boy has been nominated for best taiwanese blog. and there are lots of great blogs nominated in the japanese section(jean snow, gmtplus9, and geisha asobi to name three), as well as good stuff in the best foreign blog(though i’m a little surprised that scrubbles hasn’t gotten more votes).


well, it looks like i’ve lost all my comments. the people who provide the free service(for which i am grateful) did some work and the end result being all comments have been lost. they are trying to find a way to get them back, but i’m not holding out much hope. just in case anyone was wondering where they all went.

my third and final goodbye tower mix is complete. this may actually be my favourite of the three i’ve done. it’s a bit more consisitent as it’s made up of mostly library music, 60s pop, classic exotica, and obscure soundtracks. as with volume I and II, this one was compiled exclusively from cds i picked up at the tower going out of business sale. this round coming from what i managed to find still in the stores once they’d upped the discount to 70% off.

seems robot action boy is listed on the china blog list. i’m not exactly keen on being listed as a china blog, but at least i am filed under taiwan and technically i do live in the republic of china. of course, most people i know refer to this place as taiwan and not any form of china. i’m not exactly clear on what they mean by china – the country or chinese culture? and if it’s culture where is singapore?

another interesting thing i learned from this site is that i’m blocked in china. maybe i should change my tag line to banned in china!. am i really that subversive? i don’t think so. but i recall being rather displeased when photoblogs had taiwan listed as a province of china. of course now they’ve rightfully corrected this situation. hmm, now i feel like i should live up to this new badge of honour. is being gay still considered subversive? or preferring yao su-rong and fong fei-fei over coco lee?

it looks like they are changing the way they romanize the station stops on the mrt(subway) here. for some reason this bothers me. i don’t really care how they change the street names, but i don’t like whole neighborhoods getting an overhaul. i know phonetically it makes sense, but i think i’ll always prefer tamshui to danshui or chungshan to zhongshan and spelling hsintien as xindian just looks wrong to my eyes. it may be just what i’m used to, so i’m resisting the change. or maybe it’s the aesthetics. words for me are more than just letters. i have assoications with the way things are spelt and the way they look. so seeing a z or x where there was none before seems harsh. it’s like if suddenly they decided that seattle would be spelt ceaddle. it just looks and feels wrong.

well, shortly after writing the entries below patrick dropped me an email to let me know i’ve been nominated. coolness. so feel free to vote for me if you so wish.

well, after posting below about the weblog awards, i found on jean’s site a link to the asia weblog awards. this is really cool as there are a bunch of taiwanese blogs i’ve not heard of before.

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