January 2004

the films of hal ashby(via quiddity). hal made one of my all time favourite films, harold and maude. i didn’t realize that harold and maude wasn’t very succesful when it was first released, nor that some film critics have derided hal as being too dependant on his collaborators.

and for the diehard harold and maude fan there is the documented harold and maude hearse. yes, a site devoted to what happened to the hearse used in the film, as well as some shots from the shooting of the film.


contemporary origami by hojyo takashi. some great examples of origami. pictured above is kendo swordman. via dublog.

yesterday in the mail peter and i recieved a package from my friends kelly and mike. the durham putty containers fit in nicely with my love of old packaging, and inside were small capsule toys and candy. chocolate. mmmm.

today my classes were cancelled, so i found myself at the eslite bookstore. i picked up edward gorey’s the headless bust and a book on old singers from hk, taiwan and shanghai. the gorey book is nice, especially since it was on sale for half price. the book on old singers is wonderful. it comes with a cd, and has lots of pictures. the book is seperated into chapters on various singers. a lot of the most famous singers are represented: chou hsuan, teresa teng, zhang qi, fong fei-fei, yao su-rong, grace ge lan chang, bai guang, and so on. some of the people in the book i recognize from seeing them on tv here, and according to peter just about every male singer in this book is gay. the only drawback to the book is that it’s all in chinese. but the good thing about that is that it’s inspiring me to sit down with a dictionary and try to figure out what the book says.

if i ever become this anal retentive will someone please just shoot me?

to continue the street art theme from yesterday, i give you the adventures of a cheshire cat. via gmtplus9.

i love taking pictures of stickers and other forms of street art(see here and here for some examples). it looks like i’m not the only one as here’s a gallery of street stickers. via j-walk.

(it appears that the technical difficulties surrounding the pictures not showing up has been resolved, though the commenting system is still not working(note: have since switched to a new commenting system, so they should be working now).

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