March 2004

it’s visa renewal time, so today i went to the hospital to pick up my health report. there have been some changes since i did this last year. due to the fact i’ve been in taiwan for over 3 years i didn’t have to do the drug tests, which means no urine sample. but i still have to do the blood tests which i hate as i’m a big scaredy cat and not very fond of needles. i did all that last week, and now the school is applying for my new visa and work permit. if nothing unexpected happens(like last year when they messed up my application) i should have a new arc(alien resident card) in a few weeks and be all set for another year.


recently they’ve added lcd monitors on a lot of the busses in order to inflict commercials on paying customers. to say i’m unhappy about this would be an understatement. then today i was on a brand new bus(it even had that new bus smell), and they had monitors showing the news. i’m not sure what is more of a torture the news or bad commercials. but the fun doesn’t stop there, as right by the driver is a small monitor so the bus driver can watch while he drives!

artificial anatomy. a small gallery of anatomy studies done with papier mache(!). i just wish the pictures were a little bigger. via the eyes have it.

i’ve read about the internet archive before, but a recent post on the exoticalist reminded me about it again. the archive features books, movies, and live music all available for download legally and for free. they also house the prelinger archive which contains lots of old training and propaganda films. they even have this film called are you popular?, which i’m pretty certain was sampled and used as background in the film whatever happened to susan jane? has a whole section devoted to photomemes. one that has caught my attention recently is the 800 X 600 project. from their guidelines:

The Project is open to all! Collages in this project are made up of 64 pictures total. All 64 pictures must be original photographs, taken by the collage’s creator. Each individual picture in the collage is 100 pixels wide by 75 pixels high, oriented horizontally. Pictures should be arranged in an eight picture by eight picture grid, forming the final 800 pixel wide by 600 pixel high collage.

i may give this a try myself. some of the entries really explore a single object or theme well, whereas a few feel more like random shots just put together. i’ve just noticed that there hasn’t been any new entries posted since 2003, i wonder if that means this meme is dead?

muffin films. a dozen kooky flash films starring muffins. via eye of the goof.

life of brian has some interesting things to say about the presidential election here, and there’s also good information that someone posted in his comments here(for some reason they posted the comments in a post about gay marriage, but they are about the election).

yesterday one of my students asked me what i thought of the election. i told her that i thought the kmt were immature and childish, and if i was taiwanese i’d be embarrassed by their behaviour. we were on the way out when she asked this, so i’m not sure what she thought of my thoughts. this is the first class i’ve been asked about this, and in general i try to avoid discussing politics in the classroom. but sometimes it can’t help but come up.

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