April 2004

a nice overview of the new zbig rybczynski 3 dvd set that has just come out. i’d love to have this set, but so far i’ve only seen it at a few places. the cheapest being here for $59.95. it seems like a lot of places aren’t carrying it(yet).

if zbig rybczynski isn’t a household name to you, chances are you’ve seen some of his music videos at some time. looking at this filmography i see he has done quite a few music videos i didn’t realize were his, or for people that just sort of surprised me(ie mick jagger).


one hundred albums you should remove from your collection immediately. this reminds me of pitchfork, as they usually annoy me in their narrowness of views. of the albums suggested you get rid of, i own the following(on cd at least):

  • david bowie – hunky dory
  • stereolab – transient random-noise bursts with announcements
  • echo and the bunnymen – heaven up here
  • einsturzende neubauten – kollaps
  • sinead o’connor – am i not your girl?
  • rem – out of time

funnily they single out bowie’s andy warhol as one of his worst tracks and predictably it is one of my favourites as is this album. this stereolab album is what really turned me onto them year’s ago. but of course now i rarely listen to them. when people make lists like this i wonder if they do it just to tick people off, or to laugh at people agreeing with them or at a weak attempt at humour? i suspect a little of all three. via the sound-scavengers list.

recent discussions i’ve had with ted and george have re-ignited my interest in experimental film. ok, so maybe the interest was already there – but it’s gotten me interested in doing some lo-fi experiments myself(i.e. using flash, my digital still camera, and photoshop to create work). as a result of this i’ve discovered flicker – a site with information about various film festivals featuring experimental work as well as information about various filmmakers. they also run a mailing list called frameworks. the description of the list from their site:

All aspects, from filmmaking to criticism, are acceptable in this context, including unipersonal production, techniques, history and esthetics of avant-garde film, critical discussions, new directions, courses and teaching, festivals, announcements of world-wide events in film, retrospectives, exchanges of information, etc. This list is not intended for the discussion of narrative film, nor documentary film, nor video, nor video art.

i’m not exactly sure what they mean by video art. and there’s no mention of digital film either. poking around the archives got me curious enough to sign up. i recieved my first digest today – and unfortunately, some people on the list are posting with html mail turned on, which is a big pain in the butt when you are recieving a digest version of a mailing list.

vintage las vegas matchbooks and postcards. nifty. via eye of the goof.

last week i recieved the paperwork back for my work permit. so today i went to the foreign affairs police station to renew my arc(alien resident certificate). eventhough i go through this process every year i always forget certain things. for example, when they say arrival date, is that most recent arrival date or the first time you ever entered the country?(answer: most recent entry). the clerks always get a bit confused by my address as well. it has two numbers in it. instead of living at no. 5 main street i live at no. 5-3. but the important thing is i am all nice and legal for another year now.

photo blink. i’m not exactly sure what this site is all about. in some ways it functions like a visual form of photoblogs.org but a lot of the photography tends to be a bit more, well, normal, for lack of a better term. aside from the photo galleries, the site also has some interesting essays on improving your photography. via what the hell happened last night?

i’d never heard of the robot star before, but if i had one, i think i’d still be taking pictures with real film…via gmtplus9.

i’ve never paid much attention to the webbies, but this year my friend marco has been nominated for one for his excellent site weirdomusic.com. check out his site, and then go vote for him here.

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