June 2004


The Urine Survey is interested in what you really think, feel and do about urine, piss, pee or whatever you want to call it and wherever you actually do it. Your honest replies will be much appreciated along with any personal comments you have on pissing. Allow 5 minutes or so to complete it.

apparently the results are going to be compiled into a book about peeing. i tried to take the survey earlier today but then my internet connection decided to die. via everlasting blort.


the art of thomas meldgaard. i’m especially fond of the pieces that seem like illustrations for some dark fairytale. connected to this site in some way is this forum called citizen art where people post art they are working on or have recently finished. looks like it could be interesting. via life in the present.

celebrity record covers. i’d love to hear some of these. more shots of barbara eden can be found here. no shots of her from her role in the film version of voyage to the bottom of the sea though. i think she spent that entire role in high heels(on a sub??). via the presurfer.

today peter and i went to chiufen for the afternoon. chiufen used to be a big gold mining town back in the day. also part of hou hsiao-hsien’s city of sadness was shot near here. now chiufen is basically a commercial tourist attraction. some of my students have told me that a lot of artists live in chiufen and work there. but most of what i saw on display were similiar to the cheap machine made things you see in other taiwanese tourists spots.

we did go to this small gold mining museum:

but i liked the mural on the outside a little better than the museum itself. they did demonstrate various menthods of gold mining, but i was more interested in the old chinese music they were playing in the museum.

we also saw what once was the first film theater in northern in taiwan(north of taipei i think):

the inside is a mess, and looks something like this:

the most exciting thing that happened all day was when some rude middle aged woman jabbed peter in the back with her umbrella while we were walking through the crowded market area. when he asked her why she did that she said she was in a hurry. apparently being in a hurry means you don’t need to speak, but just jab people with your umbrella. i’m not real clear on the details of what happened next. words were exchanged, but apparently the words “shut up” and “old woman” lead to her being super offended and a torrent of very loud obscenities followed. i suspect she was more upset at being called old, than at being told to shut up.

other cinema. a small catalogue of alternative and experimental films on dvd. there are trailers for most of the films available on site. i’m especially curious about the films dial h-i-s-t-o-r-y, spectres of the spectrum, and decasia. via frameworks mailing list.

for those that missed the 365 days project the first time around, the whole thing has been archived permanently by ubuweb including mp3s. in 2003 a different audio oddity was available for download for each day of the year, then in early 2004 only the documentation was left, but you could no longer download the mp3s. now it’s all back. via the sound scavengers list.

the hidden song archive:

A hidden song (also known as a “ghost track” or “easter egg”) is a song on an album which is not listed on the album sleeve or jacket. On a CD, usually the song is accessed by playing the final track through then going through a brief moment of silence.

An unlisted track is different because the hidden song has its own track and can be directly accessed without having to go through the previous song, it just not listed with the other songs on the album on the back of the sleeve.

i seem to recall that there is a hidden track on pizzicato five’s happy end of the world album or am i just imagining that? via the presurfer.

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