July 2004

tijuana bibles:

Tijuana Bibles were pornographic tracts popular in America before the advent of mass-market full-color glossy wank-fodder such as Playboy. A typical bible consisted of eight stapled comic-strip frames portraying characters and celebrities (eg. John Dillinger, Popeye, Disney characters) in wildly sodomistic situations. Many could be considered grossly racist, sexist, and otherwise wholly “politically incorrect.” Browser discretion is advised.

i think i’ve been scarred for life by the images of popeye, whimpy, and archie having sex. via scrubbles.


dotmov festival 2004 call for entries. an international digital film festival being held in tokyo. the deadline is september 20th, so if you’ve got some digital work you’re itching to be seen, send it their way. what’s especially exiciting about this festival is that in november they’ll be showing all of the films on the shift website. via jean snow.

last week i went to the taipei fine arts museum. they are having a show on italian designers. predictably, the stuff from the 60s and 70s interested me the most. the closer you got to the present the more bland the pieces became. it’s a little funny to see furniture(and other objects) like this in a museum setting as a friend of mine in nyc collects mid-20th century furniture. i’m used to being able to sit on the actual furniture not just look at it.

also at the museum is a show of taiwanese art from the 80s. there were some interesting pieces here, but i was most interested in the description and pictures from various performance art events.

usually my favourite work at this museum can be found in the basement. currently they are showing work for the taipei arts award. unfortunately, some of these pieces were a bit disappointing. a lot of the video projection pieces were being shown in rooms painted white and not dark at all making the images projected hard to see. and some of the paintings seemed to be a bit too obvious. however, there were some interesting things. a series of paintings reminiscent of francis bacon, and another series of drawings done with ball point pens. using the pens to be more painterly, not like a realistic drawing.

this week i went to the national palace museum to see the german genius show before it closes. unfortunately the museum was pretty crowded with moronic tour groups. it was hard to see some paintings because of the tour groups monopolizing some of the gallery space. despite the crowds i was happy to see the show. some of the paintings had amazing colour and depth. but the real surprise for me was seeing work by franz marc and paul klee. the paul klee pieces i hadn’t even seen before.

the playmakers, yet another book to add to my want list.

• Over 420 color photos on 312 pages

• 130+ additional images of ads, patent drawings, illustrations and historical photos

• 75 toys are profiled, offering compelling behind-the-scene stories of the creation of Play-Doh, Clue, Frisbee, Nerf, and more

• 15 ultra-rare prototypes are pictured, providing a glimpse of the scarcely-seen predecessors to Monopoly, Barbie, GI Joe, and others

• In-depth toy timelines, company profiles and rare interviews with inventors provide a comprehensive look at the business of making and marketing toys

it looks like this would go along well with some of those taschen icon books i have, but a little more pricey.

also check out their poll for “greatest ball ever created”. i voted for the magic eight ball. via forward.

electricity pylons around the world:

34 countries covered so far: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Kenya, Luxemburg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, UK, USA, Yugoslavia.

none from taiwan yet. maybe i’ll have to remedy that situation. via geisha asobi.

last night peter and i went over to cindy and ryan’s apartment to hang out. cindy had brought me back a dvd(air hostess) from hk ages ago, but we never got around to meeting up for me to pick it up until now.

while hanging out in their apartment peter noticed that they had season four of the simpsons. we didn’t even know that was out in taiwan, so today we went to guanghua in search of that.

we found it with no problem, but we also found that they have knocked down the price on the taiwan edition of thunderbirds so we splurged and picked up the whole series(in addition to season four of the simpsons). when it originally came out – it was rather pricey(basically i could mail order the region one version for less money). so i was happy to get it at a decent price. one neat thing about the set is that they contain postcards illustrating the insides of the ships used in the show:

i’m not sure if this was something just for the taiwan market or if it was the same in other countries. when amelie was released here on dvd it came with an envelope of polaroids of the garden gnome just like in the film. but i’ve been told that versions of this dvd in other countries didn’t contain any postcards.

cover art archive. not the largest archive of lp cover art, but quite a few covers you don’t see pop up in every other archive of this sort. via everlasting blort.

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