September 2004

it looks like we’re headed into serious film festival territory in the next month.

taipei film spot is having a festival of ghost movies. most of these are hk films and so have english subs.

the women make waves festival is set to start soon, but there english page seems to be down and i can’t find any information about which films will have english subs if any.

then there’s the purely 16 a film carnival. awhile back i saw some woman reading a scheldule for this film on the mrt, but before i could ask her what it was, she exited. their website is chinese only, and i can’t find any information about english subs(i’m pretty doubtful that they would have english subs) but there is some english information on the festival over at pots where i got the link.

in additon to these the taiwan international ethnographic film festival will also be happening at the majestic theater in hsimenting. there is no mention of languages on their website, but there are trailers for each of the films.

and if that isn’t enough, in november the golden horse film festival will be happening. last year i only attended one of the digital shorts competitions. this year i hope to see more.

also for those interested in film festivals in asia(and around the world) inside film magazine seems to be a good place to start.


my friend cindy told me about this site of old mandarin lps. the only drawback is that the pictures aren’t bigger. but still nice to see all these. i was also happy to discover they have some records by the mystery musician i had blogged about before. apparently he was in the stylers, which i think were a group from singapore, but i’m not certain. there are more nice old record cover scans here(including quite a few from nancy sit).

seeing these galleries makes me want to hit the online auctions to try to find some of these lps, but i’d probably settle for cd re-issues if more of those existed.

pierre et gilles. i can’t believe i never knew these guys by name, eventhough i’m familiar with some of their work. i wonder if they did pop videos as well as the paintings? the style reminds me of some of the music videos that were shown on the some bizarre show. i’m thinking of omd, marc almond and yello in particular. salon interviewed pierre et gilles, but it’s much too short for my tastes. gallery link via artnotes.

after being out of print for years mute is re-issuing remastered versions of the virgin prunes catalogue on cd. i for one, can’t wait.

in addition to the virgin prunes re-issues it looks like there’ll be dvds by cabaret voltaire and laibach coming out. i hope these are videos, and not just some sort of live thing. i’d love to see sensoria again.

speaking of cabaret voltaire, the documentary made in sheffield has been released on dvd. this details the sheffield music scene(cabaret voltaire, abc, human league, etc). something else to add to the growing list of dvds i want.

anne rice strikes back at criticism left on amazon:

Writer Anne Rice, whose extravagant fictions about vampires and witches have made her famous and rich, vents her anger at readers who dare criticize her latest book Blood Canticle on the website and ends her lengthy, single-paragraph tirade by giving her home address in New Orleans and promising refunds to the disgruntled.

“And if you want your money back for the book, send it to 1239 First Street, New Orleans La. 70130. I am not a coward about my real name or where I live,” she writes in a message posted Sept. 6 in response to the harsh criticisms and expressions of disappointment from dozens of readers. “And how glad I am that this book is the last one in a series that has invited your hateful and ugly responses.”

i never understood the popularity of her books, as the parts i’d read never made me want to read a full book. still, it’s curious that she’d get all upset at some silly postings on amazon or even bother to read such things(assuming the post is really her, and not just someone posting as her). via foreward: a book design blog.

the atomic revolution comic book. a comic from 1957 explaining how atomic energy came to be.

also on the same site is hooked! a comic about the dangers of heroin. unfortunately, you need bit pass to look at the full comic, but you can see some excellent panels on the page. i guess i’m cheap, as i think 50 cents is a bit much to pay for something that you’ll only have access to for a week. especially when it’s something they didn’t create but something they found/bought. via neurastenia.

today i went to the taipei fine arts museum and took in some of their current shows: the multiform nineties: – taiwan’s art branches out, matisse/picasso discovery workshop, and the lyricism of form geometric abstraction. of these i found the multiform nineties to be the most interesting. a lot of geometic art i tend to get bored with, though there were some pieces i quite liked. the matisse/picasso exhibit is really designed to introduce children to art. the pieces they had were mainly from the matisse book jazz, and some ceramics that picasso and matisse had done. the nineties exhibit was all contemporary work, some of which i had seen before at various exhibits. some of it was even a bit on the creepy side which of course i dug.

after visiting the museum i headed to taipei story house which is conveniently located next to the museum. they are having an exhibit called childhood of yesterday – toy exhibition. it’s a small exhibit, but still nice to see old toys. especially interesting were old masks of gatchaman, popeye and oliver hardy(as in laurel and hardy) which were not curved to fit your face, but just flat pieces of paper with their faces printed on them.

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