anne rice strikes back at criticism left on amazon:

Writer Anne Rice, whose extravagant fictions about vampires and witches have made her famous and rich, vents her anger at readers who dare criticize her latest book Blood Canticle on the website and ends her lengthy, single-paragraph tirade by giving her home address in New Orleans and promising refunds to the disgruntled.

“And if you want your money back for the book, send it to 1239 First Street, New Orleans La. 70130. I am not a coward about my real name or where I live,” she writes in a message posted Sept. 6 in response to the harsh criticisms and expressions of disappointment from dozens of readers. “And how glad I am that this book is the last one in a series that has invited your hateful and ugly responses.”

i never understood the popularity of her books, as the parts i’d read never made me want to read a full book. still, it’s curious that she’d get all upset at some silly postings on amazon or even bother to read such things(assuming the post is really her, and not just someone posting as her). via foreward: a book design blog.