October 2004

today, i took the plunge and bought myself the holga starter kit. it’s been ages since i’ve used a camera that uses real film, and i’ve never used one that uses 120 film. so this afternoon i took a stroll and shot a roll. i think i may have left the lense cap on a shot or two, not to mention the time someone asked me what i was doing, and i accidentally wound the camera past the next frame. oh well.


the art of frank lobdell. i’d never heard of him before, but i like the whimsical nature of the paintings. via stone cold pimpin’.

yesterday i went to the 2004 taipei biennial at the taipei fine arts museum. i don’t know if it was just my mood yesterday, but overall i was disappointed in the show. there were some good things, but enough pieces that felt incomplete or just plain not well thought out that left me with an overall bad impression.

one thing i liked was that one of the displays of photographs was selling cheap poster sized paper prints. the show was just stacks of these, you’d walk around and look down at the work(opposed to usually looking at a photograph mounted on a wall). i suppose if you wanted to buy one, they’d just take it right off the stack on display.

i also really liked the work by apotik komik which had a great diy ethic.

in general i preferred the work on display on the second floor. there was a great video triptych about potatoes by agnes varda(i think), and a piece by an artist who’s name i forget that was just objects that looked like they had been found at a thrift store. old items of clothing, clocks, records, etc. each item being tagged as to what it was. it was like looking at the remains of someone’s life. a sort of mystery based on objects left behind.

john peel has died. growing up in the states, i never really got the chance to listen to the john peel show, but he was still a legend. just about any band i knew got their start or a big jump from being played on his show. alot of those bands may have never reached my ears in the states if john peel hadn’t played them first and showed that there was an audience for them. he’s even mentioned in the novel the wasp factory(which gave me just one more reason to love that book). sad sad sad.

more book wonders. the paperback revolution. a look at the history of the paperback. be sure to check out the virtual book wrack where you can see some of the pages inside the book as well as the covers. via scrubbles.

hip pocket sleeze. a small gallery of trashy novel covers. it looks like the person responsible for the site is working on a book about these books as well. the site pointed out what appears to be two great books on gay pulp novels – strange sisters: the history of lesbian pulp novels 1949-1969 and queer pulp: perverted passions from the golden age of the paperback. if there wasn’t a typhoon raging outside i would probably be running to a bookstore to have them order these for me right now. via the cartoonist.

some of the photographers over at toycameras.com got together and published a photography book:

‘toycamera’ contains 104 photographs from 26 photographers living in 7 different countries around the world. The book also contains introductory words, biographies of the photographers, photos of the toy cameras used, an informal ‘tongue and cheek’ interview with the co-founders of http://www.toycamera.com as well as other interesting facts about this book.

for some reason i’m not really big on most photography books i see. which is a bit odd considering how much i love a lot of photoblogs. but this book is really tempting me. i may have to set up a paypal account just so i can get it.

also, i’ve found two shops(so far) that carry the holga start up kits here. i’m not certain how neccesary the start up kit is compared to just having the camera by itself. but so far i’ve only seen the kits here. i think it’s a safe assumption at this point to say it’s only a matter of time until i breakdown and buy one.

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