james voges(the stationary) and luke fischbeck(lucky dragons) were recently interviewed by pots magazine:

“I think it’s something electronic music really needs, to put something organic back into it and not just telling a computer what to do,” said Luke Fischbeck, who plays under the name Lucky Dragons.

One of the things Fischbeck does, especially in his stage shows, is connect wires to his hands, face, and the bodies of others to form circuits that feed back into the laptop computers he uses to perform. Different kinds of circuits affect the sounds that come out and also frees him from simply sitting on stage and staring at his computer screen. The result is a combination of noise, as in the Japanese specialty, and esoteric beats sourced from natural sounds.

Voges has likewise experimented with human circuitry. When he and Fischbeck met POTS earlier this week, he said he’s spent a great deal of time using his fingers to play the circuit board of a dismantled keyboard.

ah, now i understand what luke was holding to his face during the show at the wall.