December 2004

clips from some of eastern europe’s greatest masters. excerpts from eastern european films as well as background on some of my favourite animators like jan svankmajer and the brothers quay. also tips on doing your own animation, such as using a webcam to hone your skills while you are saving up for that big expensive camera. via pcl linkdump.


unfortunately, it feels like i’m coming down with a cold. if my blogging becomes sporadic – you’ll know the reason why.

there’s only a few more days left to vote in the 2004 asia blog awards(and a thank you to frances who nominated me – i was wondering who did that), in case anyone hasn’t voted or wants to vote again.

today’s mail brought me more xmas goodies. my friend cat sent me a cd by hot hot heat, and a book on bubblegum pop. my selection of reading materials just seems to be growing and growing(not that i’m complaining). just the other day i got a book on the films of kenneth anger(another one of those late xmas gifts). now it’s just a matter of finding the time to read all these things.

the hand collector. via geisha asobi.

disaster has struck. peter was updating the server(or something) and managed to erase the last 7 months of images. some of these i had backed up, but not all. i’m not certain wheter it’s really even worth it to go back and recreate all those images or not. but if you are not seeing images on some of the archived pages that is what is going on. to say i’m unhappy about this would be an incredible understatment.

was santa good to you? he was certainly good to me. this seems to be the year of the dvd, as just about everything i got was dvd related(french and saunders, futurama, strangers with candy, etc).

usually we don’t really do much for christmas, if we stay in taiwan for it. we just open our gifts and aside from that it’s like any other day. but this year we hung out with another gay couple(and some of their friends) who peter has befriended lately. one is italian/french and the other taiwanese. it was a lot of fun. they made an amazing meal for us, and we sat around and talked and talked. we didn’t get home until nearly 2am, which was just about the right time to call my parents and wish them a merry christmas.

now it’s just a matter of finding the time to watch everything i got. and some gifts from friends haven’t arrived yet, so i can expect more goodies in the mail. i did recieve my secret santa gift, a dvd copy of the celluloid closet, which i’m very much looking forward to seeing.

santa advertising illustrations. the site is in spanish, but the illustrations are nice(if a bit small). via j-walk.

it’s my happening and it freaks me out! a few days ago i recieved in the mail valley of the dolls/beyond valley of the dolls double dvd set. my friend jonny sent it to me as a trade for sending him viva tonal. today i sat down and watched beyond the valley of the dolls. i’d forgotten just how much i love this movie. there’s something in it that just makes me incredibly happy. thank god my dvd player is region free and can play pal discs, otherwise god knows how long i’d have to wait to see this again.

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