yesterday i found the time to watch bill morrison‘s decasia. the film is made up of pieces or archival footage, in various states of decay. so sometimes you can’t see the original image at all, just the decay. not unlike watching a stan brakhage film. there’s a scene of butterflies and decay that i thought may be a sort of tribute to stan brakhage and his film mothlight(a film made up literally of the remnants of moths attached to film leader). the music gives the images a sense of urgency and reminded me of a cross between philip glass and stravinsky. i recognized some familiar names in the credits. most notably av geeks and rick prelinger.

also yesterday i finished watching season one of strangers with candy which i’m quite liking. one of the extras on the set is the pilot episode. interesting to see how it differs from what the final show became. one thing i loved about the pilot that i don’t like about the final version, is that the music in the original is so much better. the music they chose to use on the real show just seems to talk show theme-ish for me. the original music was much more like 50s library music, which added another dimension to the show. a shame they gave that up.