last night i finished reading jack stevenson’s desperate visions. it’s basically a book of interviews with john waters and the kuchar brothers. it’s a wonderful book of course. but then i tend to enjoy any interview i’ve read with john waters. there’s an interview with divine where he talks about going to china in 1986. was he performing there or did he go as a tourist? i can’t imagine him performing as divine, but you never know. i mean things were becoming more open there, but somehow i don’t think that open.

in the book there’s a section about thundercrack! and how it was never released on video and all. it may never have been officially released on video, but there were definately bootleg versions of it as that’s how i saw it. according to this site, it will be coming out on dvd in the future. sadly, it looks like most of the kuchar brothers films aren’t out on dvd. i suspect they may be available from one of those places that specialize in bootlegs of out of print films though.