March 2005

the winners for this year’s photobloggies have been announced. surprisingly, some of the blogs i voted for actually won. hopefully some of the problems this year’s photobloggies had will be resolved next year.


take a reading test, and improve your reading speed. this is cool if it really works, but the skeptic in me wonders if the after test is somehow simpler so that my reading speed appears quicker when it really is not. via life of brian.

this week’s audioscrobbler chart. the audioscrobbler chart lists my top ten for the last week, but the version lists 20 tracks all played an equal number of times, yet for some reason audioscrobbler chose to list t-rex as most of those, leaving off ones by different artists that were played the same number of times. strange.

yesterday afternoon before i went to the urban nomad festival, i went to taipei film house to see long tack sam. a documentary about one woman’s quest to find out who her great grandfather was. at one time he was a world famous chinese magician, but has pretty much been forgotten except by people in magic circles.

i really loved the film and wish it was doing a regular run instead of just being a part of a festival, so that some of my friends that i know are not going to be able to see it, would be able to see it. seeing this film – made me really want to see a good documentary on vaudeville. as there is quite a bit about vaudeville in the film.

one thing that struck me while watching this is how important it is to document your own life for posterity. even if you aren’t famous, if you have any sort of descendants chances are someone is going to wonder who was this person? what made them tick? photographs and home movies may not answer this completely, but at least they leave behind clues.

the audience at this screening was really well behaved. i didn’t hear a single cell phone go off, nor did i hear people talking in it. if only urban nomad had been like that as well…

last night i went to the final night of the urban nomad film festival. the films shown this night seemed a little better than the ones i saw on friday(not that what was shown on friday were bad). also they managed to fix the computer problems they were having on friday. once again i didn’t stay for the entire screening, i wimped out when it started to rain. plus, the audience was starting to get on my nerves.

i’ve complained before about the lack of etiquette when going to the cinema, but this was worse as people were holding full length conversations throughout some of the films. if i’d been a filmmaker in attendance i’d be ticked off if people were talking through my film and not paying attention. when a film had no sound it became even more apparent that some people were there just to socialize with their friends. some of this may have had to do with the screening being outside which makes for a more relaxed environment, but that’s no excuse for a lack of common courtesy. i mean if you want to talk to your friends go walk down by the river instead of inflicting your voices on the rest of us.

despite the problems and the annoying audience members, if there is a nomad film festival 5, i’ll be there.

eye of the goof is at it again. this time he’s scanned the trader vic’s pacific island cook book(including recipes) from 1962. the food looks nice, but i’m more fascinated with the tiki idols in the background of some of the pictures.

just back from the first night of the urban nomad film festival. i arrived a little late, and then left early due to it starting to get cold(the screening was outdoors) and having a stomachache.

unfortunately, the evening was marred by technical problems. i suspect the organizers didn’t have time to test their set up before putting it into practice. most of the films i saw felt like student work(which is not neccesarily a bad thing). lin chun jen’s a breathing apartment was probably my favourite from the night. one of my least favourite film’s was the whine-a-rama taipei 101: a travelogue of symptoms the construction of the film was interesting, but the content was just whine whine whine. why is it ok to point your camera at fat people(or someone different from yourself) and ridicule them? granted the filmmaker did seem to ridicule himself as well, but not nearly enough for my tastes.

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