retrocrush has interviewed alison arngram (nellie olsen on little house on the prairie):

So did you have a real special relationship with any of the people on the show growing up? Did anyone take you under their wing?

Well, we were very much a family…we’ve all been through practically massive group therapy sessions (laughs), we had to deal with the impacts of this thing in our life. One of the things we’ve always had a problem with is something I call “Prairie Denial”. We tried to pretend that it wasn’t as important as it was, that we weren’t a family. That “oh, we did that cute little show, but so what?” We tried to put it all behind us, but no…it doesn’t work. And what we’ve found out, Melissa (Gilbert) and I, comparing notes, is that we’re very much like a family. We are insanely connected.

We all talk together and have parties…it’s very strange.

Well, it’s such a huge part of your life, you can’t just toss it off as a trivia moment.

Right, and we have all sorts of connections like sisters would have. Melissa and I have code words for things. Because, well, we were little adolescent girls, and at the time…it was almost as if we were related. I loved both Richard Bull and Katherine MacGregor, who played Mr. and Mrs. Olseon. They were like parents. Of course Melissa was like my sister, we were totally in cahoots about everything.

she sounds really cool, and surprisingly well adjusted. it’s rather sad that i’ve come to expect child stars to not be well adjusted adults. only part one of the interview has been posted so far, can’t wait for part two! via pcl linkdump.