recently sqj(who sometimes leaves comments on robot action boy) was kind of enough to tell me about this site that has amazing colour photographs from world war one. unfortunately, by the time i got around to blogging about it, the link no longer worked. then i noticed that coudal partners had a link to the same images, but at a different location.

some really wonderful work here. i love the look of early colour photography. from i discovered this early colour process is called autochrome. according to their site it was the first and only colour photography industrial process until 1935. pretty cool.

the shot i posted above doesn’t neccesarily show off the more vibrant colours, but i had to post it to ask: is it my imagination or is it a shot of a man urinating? it reminds me of how in some places in taiwan, the public bathrooms will come with open windows that allow you to see into the restrooms. you can’t really see anything, but it’s still odd to walk by a building and when you glance in you see the backs of guys peeing.