i’m not one of those people who has a holy grail of albums that i’d love to own. i do have albums i’d love to own, but don’t really consider them holy grails. but today while i was out cd shopping, i stumbled upon an album that is close to that. hope in a darkened heart by virginia astley. i have the vinyl in storage back in the states, but the cd as far as i know has been out of print for years.

the odd thing about this is i’ve actively searched for this on cd, even looked for it on trips to japan with no luck. and then today, at a shop i’ve been to many times before, there it was sitting in the v section(most shops here will alphabetize by first names).

i’m a bit puzzled by it. i mean was it sitting there all these years and i just failed to see it? had it been misfiled or laying in some box somewhere and they just decided to put it out? either way i’m very happy to finally have it to listen to again.