the photobloggies are back! this time around they are being handled by some people over at

there are a few things that are unclear which hopefully will be improved in next year’s bloggies. for example why did china, hk, and taiwan get their own seperate category when there are more photoblogs in singapore than those three combined(at least based on blogs registered with

the one category i’m really excited about is toy camera. since these days i rarely shoot with anything other than a toy camera, i’m looking forward to seeing what ends up nominated in that category.

these kind of awards usually end up being nothing more than a popularity contest, but they’ve done something a little different here. nominations are open to the general population, but once the finalists have been chosen, then only the finalists can vote in the categories they have been nominated in.

and of course if anyone feels like nominating my photoblog: photo action boy – you won’t hear me complaining(yeah, shameless plug – couldn’t help myself).