on friday, my copy of the toy camera book arrived! i’m very happy to finally have this. it has some wonderful pictures in it(all black and white). it also has pictures of various toy cameras that i’m instantly lusting after, as well as pictures of the photographers. i recognize most of the names from the toycamera.com forum and it’s nice to be able to put faces to names.

speaking of the toycamera.com forum, it’s been mentioned there that lulu has a special going – for the month of march, spend over 25 dollars and international postage is free. i really hope they keep this up, cause often the cost of postage is something that stops me from ordering things. unfortunately, i’m having problems accessing their site at the moment. it keeps timing out – not sure if that is a problem on their end, with firefox or something else on my end. eventhough i’m pretty broke, and shouldn’t be buying anything i think i’m going to splurge and get this book on rangefind cameras and this book from the people behind the abandoned photo museum.