tonight i stopped by taipei film house to check at what time cafe lumiere is playing. while there i picked up the scheldule for canadian spring: a showcase of new and classic films from canada. i’ve only scanned the scheldule briefly, but they are showing the animated short ryan(which i saw at the last golden horse film festival), the magical life of long tack sam, and the controversial casuistry: the art of killing a cat. they are also showing some films by denys arcand, but unfortunately they are in french with chinese subtitles only. sucks not being able to understand french, nor read chinese well enough to understand the subtitles.

if this wasn’t enough to look forward to, i also picked up the scheldule for the urban nomad film festival which is going on this friday and saturday. looks like there are lots of shorts and even some experimental work screening. so i’m definately going to try to see at least some of it.