April 2005

this weekend peter and i will be moving. finally, after 5 years, we’ll finally be living in a place that is just us. no siblings, no roomates – hopefully we won’t end up killing each other. as a result of the move our server will be down. so all the pictures here and over on the photoblog will be down until we get things set up again. hopefully this won’t be longer than a week, but it’s hard to tell.

thanks to ted i now have a flickr pro account. i’ve put up a bunch of my holga shots over there. most of them have appeared on photo action boy at one time or another, but a few have not. i’ve been having fun with the groups i’ve joined there so far. and just today i found this one devoted to taipei city. but it looks like i’m the only person to post anything to that group yet.

note: looks like there’s another older taipei group on flickr. that group has a lot more members, though someone in that group has tagged some of their photos “china” which i find a bit odd to say the least. after discovering that group i came across this group devoted to pictures to the 3-26 march against china. this picture is particularly hillarious.


old disneyland posters. wonderful. somehow i doubt current disneyland posters have as much style as these old ones do. via scrubbles.

sunday was worldwide pinhole camera day. a gallery of some of the results can be found here. some amazing shots. it really makes me want to make or buy a pinhole camera myself. i seem to recall reading somewhere before how to turn a disposable camera into a pinhole camera, but i can’t find the link now. but i did find this adaption, which i may give a shot one day if i find a cheap enough camera to do it on.

scratch film. there is something about this film that i find rather inspiring, though i wonder if michael nyman knows they used his music for this? via cinegraphic.net.

this week’s audioscrobbler chart. james is scaring me with all the michael bolton he’s been listening to.

washington state votes against non-discrimination, microsoft shows that it has no backbone and is willing to kowtow to conservative christians, and fiji jails two men for consensual sex. i hadn’t realized that fiji was such a backwards country. eventhough i can’t say i’m that surprised by a lot of this, it still leaves me horribly disgusted.

trouble trouble trouble. first thunderbird decided to uninstall itself so i lost a bunch of mail. then i couldn’t access photo action boy for awhile because of some blogger problem(it kept redirecting to the blogger start page).

yesterday i got the test roll back i shot on the shumy and there are some problems. a lot of the shots have fog on them similiar to the ones posted below:

i’m planning to run another test roll through taping up the bottom of the camera to see if that fixes some of this problem. a little fog i can deal with, but when it starts to look like there’s a cloud hovering over the top of the frame, then something needs to be done.

and finally it looks like the lomo lca is going bye bye(via blog.photoblogs.org.) apparently they are stopping production on them. i’ve always sort of wanted one, eventhough i much prefer medium size and square format cameras these days. i have a feeling this may result in the prices of the lca going through the roof much like what has happened with the diana.

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