recently, ahfu died. ahfu was lily’s(peter’s sister/one of our roomates) dog. the first time i visited peter’s family peter warned me that ahfu usually didn’t like strangers. well, she had no problem with me. it’s odd, i’m not really an animal person, yet animals often like me.

ahfu was very old, and she spent her last week or so in the hospital. she couldn’t drink any water, but lily would dab some water on her lips. she then told ahfu not to stay alive on her account, it’s ok to just go on. after lily left ahfu died.

ahfu was cremated and her ashes put in a urn. she has been placed in one of those buildings that house people’s ashes(i’m not exactly sure what to call that – it’s a building not a tomb or mausoleum). today is tomb sweeping day. a day when people go to visit the graves of their ancestors, clean the grave and pray to their ancestors. peter’s family did this on saturday. when he returned, peter reported that they had gone to ahfu’s “grave” and that there was a picture of ahfu on the urn just as if she’d been a person and they’d prayed just like she was a person. well, she was one of the family after all.