cirlce of confusion, a new web photography magazine devoted to canadian photographers(via there seems to be more and more of these sort of on line magazines popping up which in my book can only be a good thing. the current issue has an interview with one of my all time favourite photobloggers, gayla trail:

CoC: What do you look for when you’re taking a picture? Is there any one thing that makes or breaks a picture for you?

GT: I hate new cars. They’ve slipped their way in at times — in only the most dire circumstances when they absolutely couldn’t be avoided. Often times when I see something I want to capture it becomes an exercise in working my way around vehicles and other ugly contemporary elements.

i feel the same way about new cars. when i see photos of new cars or with new cars in them, i feel like they ruin an otherwise good picture. i also love the fact that she’s unapologetic about not taking pictures of people. i’m constantly struggling with this desire/pressure to take pictures of people, and yet i often dislike pictures that have people in them. sometimes, just like cars, i think people can ruin a perfectly good shot.