well, we have internet again(but the server is still down, so you won’t be seeing the pictures for awhile), and we’re all moved in. now comes the chore of unpacking and getting things put in their proper places. we’re in need of some more bookshelves as well a chest of drawers to store some of our excess possessions but for the most part things are ok.

one thing that surprised me about the new place is that in the evening you can hear frogs, birds, cats and dogs making their various noises. if i close my eyes it’s almost like living in a martin denny song.

after moving i managed to finish reading bubblegum music is the naked truth. a good portion of this was really fascinating, but the book tends to cast a rather wide and inconsistent net. for me bubblegum has always been more about a sound, not how the music was made or who wrote it. and i have a hard time thinking of anything after the 70s as bubblebum, bubblegum influenced – definately, bubblegum itself – no. also found it odd that there was no mention of siesta records.

after moving in, i broke down and bought the simpsons season 5 on dvd, as it’s been released here finally. while i was picking that up, i spotted the warriors for super cheap. i haven’t seen the film in ages. i’m not sure what i’ll think about it today, but nostalgia wouldn’t let me pass on it.