Vladmasters are handmade viewmaster reels designed, photographed and hand-assembled by vladmir.

Vladmasters make use of toys, neglected household objects, and odd ephemera to tell tiny 28-picture stories.

Many Vlamasters also feature mini-CD soundtracks with narration, sound effects, music, and ding noises to cue the change from frame to frame.

it’s more than just an art project though, as you can buy the sets. i think i need the franz kafka parable vladmasters set.

as if that wasn’t amazing enough, there are also live performances of the sets:

A Vladmaster performance is a simultaneous Vladmaster experience. The first of these performances occured on April 17th 2004 at the PDX Film Festival. A packed audience of 380 people at the Guild Theater in Portland were treated to a live Lucifugia Thigmotaxis experience. Each was given a viewmaster viewer and a set of four Vladmaster reels. The soundtrack was played over the theater sound system and all 380 people followed the adventures of a cockroach named Stanley through narration, music, sound effects and ding noises to cue the advancing of the reels. Most recently, the Actaeon at Home Vladmaster premiered at the 2005 PDX Film Festival this time replacing the pre-recorded CD with a live band featuring musical saw, pipe organ, and tuba.

i’d love to attend one of these performances, but somehow i doubt that’ll be happening anytime in the near future.