some more about the chung he flea market.

this is the view of the flea market as you cross the bridge from kung kuan into chung he. we saw packs of wild dogs running through fields next to these trees on our way back too.

some trinkets for sale. i didn’t take many pictures of things for sale, maybe i’ll take more when i go again next weekend. the most frightening thing we saw at the flea market was a man selling or doing something with a snake(a cobra i think). the man just had it up on a table in a bag with its head sticking out. james kept getting mesmerized by it, but it frightened me. didn’t want that snake to slither off the table and plunge its fangs into my flesh. last night i had a dream about being bit by a snake too. scary.

james asked this man how much his keyboards were. he told us 350 nt and proceeded to play us a sailor song. he was quite good too. his wife came over and asked me a bunch of questions in a mix of english and chinese about james and i. i think they were looking for somewhere to spend the night.

while james and i were taking pictures of some fish for sale, this old man saw us and pointed to himself and said “me me!” so i obliged and took this photo of him. he was really happy and proud to have his picture taken. he kept using the few phrases in english he knew. a real character.

i’m starting to post larger versions of these pictures over on photo action boy. and eventually i’ll be adding them to my flickr account as well.