June 2005

the far eastern audio review has a great interview up with huang wan-ting:

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but almost anytime a Japanese girl band goes to the U.S., it’s always marketed as, “Look how cute. Japanese girls play instruments.” I wonder what, as a woman musician, your feelings are about that.

I think in Taiwan, too—and in most Asian countries—if you’re a girl and play in a band, people think, “O.K., I’m going to see this girl band because they’re cute, they’re hot.” They’re always thinking about looks and not music. That’s one thing I really don’t care for and I was kind of angry about it before, but now I’m O.K. with it. But if you’re female and you play in a band, you really don’t know if you’re good or not, because people say you’re good for a girl. That’s one thing I’m really against. I really want to break this male-and-female stuff in music. It’s not about gender.

A lot of my male friends in Taiwan just want to go see girl bands. And a lot of girls only want girls so they can be a girl band. But one funny thing I’ve noticed is, every girl band in Taiwan, they hate each other very much. I do the sound at Underworld, so once I was doing sound for a girl band and they were talking shit about another girl band. Then I did the sound for that girl band and they were talking shit about another girl band! I just couldn’t believe it—it’s so weird.

huang wan-ting was in the punk band ladybug before. a band that seemed to be a lot more popular with foreigners than the taiwanese. now she has a more laptop based band called varo. what i’ve heard hasn’t impressed me a great deal, but i’ve been told that they are much better live than on cd. i keep hoping to discover a band i like for themselves, not because “they are good for a taiwan band”. regardless, there being bands like varo or nylas are a step in the right direction. anything is better than another pointless idol singer.



Welcome on exprmntl.net, general encyclopedia of audio-visual art.

You will find a rich database on alternative audio-visual practices: experimental cinema, different cinema, do it yourself cinema, video art, web art, experimental video, avant-garde, activism, super 8…

There are now 54 articles on Exprmntl.net

This site was conceived as a practical information site with fast-loading pages. You will thus find here much info, but relatively few images and sounds. Good navigation.

yeup, a wiki on exeperimental film and video. it’s just in its beginning stages. but looks like it could be a great resource once it has more in it. there are even versions of it in Español, Deutsch, and Français. via frameworks mailing list.

a really nice interview with voice actor billy west(voice of futurama’s fry among others). good to see someone speaking out against stupid hollywood actor’s doing voice acting. and good news for us fans of futurama, as it looks like there is talk of futurama movies. but i’m not certain if these are for theatrical release or straight to dvd. it could be really cool, or it could be really bad if they follow the disney model of lowquality straight to video releases. via scrubbles.

this week’s audioscrobbler chart. recently, i picked up this margo guryan disc of demos that is really excellent. often times i’m not that interested in demos by bands, but this one is a definate exception.

this is really cool. in october a book of record covers from various library music releases is going to be published. and it’s even going to come with a cd of music. some of the covers to be featured can be seen here. via the exoticalist.

exis 2005: experimental film and video festival in seoul korea:

The 1st Seoul Experimental Film Festival(SEFF), which made a successful start last year is now being re-launched as an “international” film festival with a new name “Experimental Film and Video Festival Seoul(EXiS)”.

EXiS features current experimental films and video works of the present. In this context, the acronym “ex is” symbolizes the on-going format of experimental films.

Theme of the festival this year is “Cinema? Cinema!” Many words indicate cinema in many parts of the world, although there is just one korean word “yonghwa” meaning movie. That could be the very source of confusion in our discourse on the fundamentals of cinema.

Innovative forms, unfamiliar challenges and new inspirations are locomotives that drive progress of EXiS.

i doubt i’ll have anything worth or ready for submitting for this festival, but maybe someone out there does/will(remi this means you). i’m giving some serious thought to going to seoul for the festival in september. i’ve never been to a purely experimental festival before.

this upcoming release by kino of early avant-garde cinema was mentioned on the frameworks mailing list. it has since jumped to the top of my must have dvd list.

Kino on Video is proud to release for the first time in one collection two dozen of the most influential short films ever made, all culled from the “Golden Age” or first wave of avant-garde cinema in the 1920s and 30s. Transferred from the rare 35 and 16mm prints of the Raymond Rohauer archive, this two DVD set is a virtual catalogue of famous images from artists who quite literally expanded the vocabulary of the moving image, including Orson Welles, Sergei Eisenstein, Jean Epstein, and Man Ray. An indisputable must-have for cinephiles, this incredible collection contains over six hours of film and comes at the low SRP of $29.95. The pre-book date is July 5th, 2005 with a street date of August 2nd.

By the early 1920s, filmmakers like Griffith and DeMille had forged a fully realized system of cinematic storytelling under the exigencies of linear space and time and transparently rational exposition. For many artists, the strictures of such filmmaking foreclosed possibilities within a medium just beginning to evolve, and a whole generation of visual innovators around the globe set to the task of “making it new.” As the incredible range of styles and subjects contained in Kino’s AVANT-GARDE anthology makes evident, the boundaries of film language proved to be only as limited as the artist’s imagination.

while reading about the avant-garde dvd i discovered this write up on gay silent films on dvd:

Kino on Video is proud to present a truly eye-opening collection of gay-themed German films made during the silent era, available for the first time on DVD. Variously banned, censored, and kept out of the public eye for decades, Richard Oswald’s DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS (1919) Carl Theodor Dreyer’s MICHAEL (1924), and William Dieterle’s SEX IN CHAINS (1928), are landmarks in the history of representations of homosexuality onscreen, as well as in the artistry of German cinema. All three discs will prebook on November 16th, 2004 with a SRP of $29.95, streeting on December 14, 2004.

While German cinema is known to have flirted with provocative displays of homosexuality early on — MAEDCHEN IN UNIFORM (1931) and DIARY OF A LOST GIRL (1929) among the most salient examples — Kino’s new offerings from the Weimar Republic are unprecedented in their sometimes shocking explicitness, as well as for their sober handling of still-controversial material. Brought to life by many of the period’s top talents on both sides of the camera, these treasures are a must for students and enthusiasts of one of the most fecund eras in film production – and of the bold subject matter its artists dared put on the screen.

i’m both surprised and not surprised that such things exist. something else to add to my growing want list.

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