it’s been ages since i’ve paid much attention to what’s going on on metafilter, but les has pointed out that someone over there posted about the photos i have up on flickr. cool!

edit: in the comments les had this to say:

…I wish they had linked to your blogger photoblog because I’ve always been curious about approximately how many hits you’d get out of it. I guess with flickr you wouldn’t be able to see how many visitors you got.

they may not be aware of photo action boy as it hasn’t been nearly as succesful(based on feedback, etc) as the flickr account has. but there’s no way to really know. however, i can see how many times a certain photo has been viewed. in the past this photo had been viewed the most times and right now is at 149 views. it has now been edged out of the top five and the top five now stands like this:

squid vendor 930 views.
popsicle boy 760 views.
a whale of a time 615 views.
frog phone 477 views.
sailor song 347 views.

it’s kind of funny that a whale of time has been viewed so many times but no one has left a comment on it, nor is it anyone’s favourite.