exis 2005: experimental film and video festival in seoul korea:

The 1st Seoul Experimental Film Festival(SEFF), which made a successful start last year is now being re-launched as an “international” film festival with a new name “Experimental Film and Video Festival Seoul(EXiS)”.

EXiS features current experimental films and video works of the present. In this context, the acronym “ex is” symbolizes the on-going format of experimental films.

Theme of the festival this year is “Cinema? Cinema!” Many words indicate cinema in many parts of the world, although there is just one korean word “yonghwa” meaning movie. That could be the very source of confusion in our discourse on the fundamentals of cinema.

Innovative forms, unfamiliar challenges and new inspirations are locomotives that drive progress of EXiS.

i doubt i’ll have anything worth or ready for submitting for this festival, but maybe someone out there does/will(remi this means you). i’m giving some serious thought to going to seoul for the festival in september. i’ve never been to a purely experimental festival before.