i recently reactivated my ebay account, and today the first thing i won with it arrived. a diana toy camera! this is one of the holy grails of toy cameras(at least for me). i can’t wait to load it with film and try it out. unfortunately, shortly after opening the package i sort of popped off the lense of the camera. i’ve put it back on, but now i suspect the focus guide will be pretty useless. of course the diana is known for soft focus, so maybe it won’t matter that much.

while at the post office, i noticed another package for me. it had been sitting at the post office since december! a toycam book i’d ordered from hk. i thought it got lost, so i had them send me another copy. little did i know it’d been sitting at the post office all this time and they just failed to send me a slip for it. maybe i’m going to have to revise the nice things i usually have to say about the taiwanese postal system.