this is pretty amazing. photographs of graffiti in an abandoned san francisco hospital:

The Presidio Hospital is a really interesting place to explore, as it is very large (6 interconnected buildings, most of them 7-story), mostly intact and covered with *many* cool graffiti. It was once used as a movie set (see those Command Center Delta stencils). At night the place is rather spooky. We heard that one person got murdered in the PHSH in 2002.

The building in the back contains the hospital kitchen with its enormous freezers, the operating rooms and a number of X-ray machines. Many operating rooms still have floodlights and rubber tubes hanging from the ceiling. Several old X-Ray machines are rusting in place. Many of those X-ray machines and scanners were top-of-the-line multi-million dollar equipment in 1981 when the hoptital was closed, and they have just been left there, what a waste of public money!

In the eastern part of the basement, the morgue still has its freezer with six big drawers for the dead bodies, and the greenish autopsy room next door. Many rusted machines, pumps, pipes and tanks are still there.

there are more shots of this same place here which is where i learned about all this to begin with. cool.