two interesting articles via the sound-scavengers list:

on-line file sharers buy more music. downloading music has lead me to buy a lot of music, but none of it in the form of an mp3. that may yet happen, but the files would have to have no restrictions attached to it for me to do so. of course the record labels are still putting on their typical spin on this trying to act like it’s not really true and refusing to look at other reasons why sales may be down.

music labels admit to payola:

IN 1980, according to a book about the music industry by Fredric Dannen called “Hit Men”, CBS Records decided to run an experiment with a band, Pink Floyd. Their concert dates were sold out in Los Angeles, and radio stations everywhere were playing “Another Brick in the Wall (Part Two)”. Dick Asher, the deputy president of CBS Records, wanted to find out whether the band’s popularity meant he could refuse to pay the usual bribes, or illegal “payola”, to the four big Top-40 radio stations in Los Angeles. Like stations across the country, they claimed to make independent choices based on taste. But Mr Asher lost; only after Pink Floyd’s manager insisted that CBS Records hand over the money did the stations spin the record.

so downloading music is bad, but paying radio stations to play your music is good? of course it looks like the labels are getting off with your typical slap on the wrist(via quiddity). i haven’t read much about the djs role in all this. personally, i think they should be banned from radio/entertainment business for their greed. inflicting the likes of j-lo and good charlotte on the public – can their be a punishment high enough for such crimes against humanity?