August 2005

neomuet. a site asking filmmakers to go back and re-examine old silent films from the early days of cinema(to learn what seems to have been forgotten) and then to go out and make their own black and white silent films(films should be shot on film(super 8 or 16mm)) to be posted on the site. an interesting concept, but i’m not sure how well it works in execution. the films seem a bit more pixelated than i think they should, but maybe that’s just because of the codecs being used. via bibi’s box

oh, and it looks like there’s another “major” typhoon about to slam into taipei. so if for some odd reason blogging should suddenly stop, you can assume it’s typhoon related. most of the time the hype surrounding typhoons is greater than the effect they have on me personally. however, you won’t hear me complaining if we have no work tomorrow due to it(we already got this evening off).


this week’s audioscrobbler chart. i can see i’m going to have to keep a closer look at what is in the cddb as it’s often wrong, like this typo for the david candy track “playpower”. it’s not such a big deal, but it does screw with the later track charts when the song titles are incorrect.

this looks interesting. a vlog tutorial. a vlog is a videoblog. they even have a blog hightlighting new vlogs they’ve discovered recently. most of the time when someone posts video footage on their blog i don’t bother watching it. i guess i’m impatient to wait for it to load or don’t feel like muting my music while watching it. but a vlog of just short films could change that habit. i’m starting to think a vlog might be a good way to get me to do more film experiments. i probably don’t have the time, but since when has that ever stopped me before? via screenhead.

today peter and i went to page one because i needed to pick up the lonely planet guide for seoul as i’ll be heading there for a trip in a few weeks. well, as we approached the shop we saw that they had a nice selection of english books outside the shop on sale for 99 nt(about 3 bucks u.s.). i wasn’t really expecting to find anything, but looked anyway. mixed in with the suzanne sommers weight loss books was vaughn oliver: visceral pleasures by rick poynor. it’s a nice hardback book chock full of gorgeous illustrations he did for 4ad and elsewhere. there is even some student work in it. really cool, and the illustrations are large and beautiful. it makes me want to dig out all the 4ad cds i have and give them a spin.

after purchasing this we went inside the shop and i picked up the overpriced lonely planet. i’m not the biggest fan of this publication, but i use it regardless. the information on photography is rather general and not all that helpful. slide film is allegedly not that common. ok, but if i want some where would i go to look for it? and no mention of 120 or other film sizes at all. not a single mention of toy shops anywhere. no mention of flea markets either*. maybe they don’t exist, but i thought i had heard about them before. hmm. maybe one day someone will make a guide book for all the things i’m interested in. if anyone has any suggestions on things to see and do in seoul(especially toy shops, flea markets, etc.) i’d love to hear them.

* on further inspection, i found the hwanghak-dong flea market on one of the maps. the flea market is in the index under h. silly me thinking it should be listed under f for flea.

yeup, your eyes do not deceive you. that is one giant sock monkey. his name is mr. buttons and you can read and see all about his creation here. via yip yop.

it looks like after my post yesterday one of those esquivel downloads is gone. but up in it’s place is the mighty moog in honour of robert moog. i’m downloading as i type this. while you are there don’t miss the nice tribute(with cool vintage pictures) to bob moog. pcl linkdump has a nice round up of various moog tributes as well.

the collector has two rare mexican only releases by esquivel up for download(scroll down to get to the downloads). unfortunately, one of the downloads doesn’t have the tracks seperated. you’ve got two tracks: side one and side two. but i’d rather have that than nothing at all. via the exoticalist.

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