audioscrobbler has merged with the new site that has come out i’m not overtly fond of. i don’t really care for the new look all that much. i find it a bit busy or something. it’s also very slow, which hopefully is just a temporary problem. the weekly track charts are now hidden away on a seperate page. and you have to click and click to see your neighbors which is just plain annoying. there are a few things i like. you can now see just about everything you listened to in a given week and its rankings as well as charts from past weeks. i just wish things were a little more streamlined so you didn’t have to jump through so many hoops to get to what you want. as for my charts this week, it’s mainly stuff i picked up at the formoz festival. i think yellow, magenta, cyan and black may now rank as one of my all time favourite songs. i couldn’t quite explain why, but it makes me incredibly happy.