September 2005

from the same person behind the snapatorium, scrapatorium and swapatorium blogs comes fantasy rooms. collages of, well, fantasy rooms. via collagemania.


art inspired by they might be giants. i would have loved to have seen this show, but at least i can enjoy the online version. aaron leighton the artist responsible for the piece above had this to say about its inspiration:

To be honest, the song that I chose, “Spiraling Shape”, was the only They Might Be Giants tune I’d ever heard. Even though I obviously was not the hugest fan of their music, I was a big fan of a Canadian comedy troupe called Kids in the Hall who were very popular in the mid to late 90’s. In 1996 they did a feature-length film titled “Brain Candy”, a story about a scientist who creates a happy drug with frightening side-effects, and the song was on the soundtrack. Full of psychotropic imagery and ominous warnings, “Spiraling Shape” was a perfect compliment to the movie as well as a framework for what I always imagined could be some interesting visuals. As such, this show was a great chance to follow through on this thought and create a piece depicting a character having some sort of drug-induced, sanity-bending experience: “The spiraling shape will make you go insane!”

how can you beat that for inspiration? not only they might be giants but kids in the hall. now i’m itching to see braincandy again. hmm. via gmtplus9.

photographic evidence that my brother is either a big dork at heart(which he is) or one of the coolest people around. i vote for a bit of both. note the eyes.

this week’s audioscrobbler chart. i’ve been rediscovering the monoschrome set lately. i suspect they’ll be on next week’s chart as well. i recently picked up this comp featuring bands from hong kong, taipei, and beijing among other places called IS #3. it features some of my favourite hk bands: pixel toy, my little airport, etc. speaking of my little airport it looks like they have a new album out. i hope the shops here will be getting it in, because if they do – i’ll definately be buying it. looking around their site i notice that they are featured on a double dvd of harbour records bands. i may just have to order that.

a couple days ago i went to moca to see their xanadu variation show before it closed. the show was mainly made up of video work which i was quite happy to see. there was even a video short by werner herzog. the screening rooms were all dark so that the images looked pretty good when projected. it’s something that the taipei fine arts museum hasn’t seemed to learn as i’ve encountered work there projected in a white room which makes the images very faded. is it so difficult to paint some walls black and turn off the lights so that the work can be seen properly?

i think my favourite piece at this show was ba-de area by chen chien-jen. it was silent and basically about some people who move office furniture. but the way it was shot, the composition, the movement or lack of movement really created a special atmosphere.

the last couple of times i’ve been at moca – it’s felt like they haven’t utilized their space to the best of their ability. this show was no different. most of the smaller rooms were used quite well, but upstairs they have a rather large open space for work which was practically empty. all that stood there were some flat screen tvs screening movies. i’m not a big fan of screening work this way, and to use such a large space and only use it for this was quite a disappointment. were the curators unable to find more work to fill the space better? were there budget restraints? i don’t know, but hopefully it’ll be better utilized at future shows.

normally, i really like going to this museum, but this time i had the worst time i’d ever had there. museums often host tour groups. well, on the day i was there there was a tour group. i don’t know if it was museum sponsored or not. but the group would come in and sit down to watch part of a video installation and the tour leader would get up in front of the film and start lecturing over the work! this may be appropriate for a sculpture or a painting. afterall, other patrons can come back to see the work once the group has moved on and the work is still the same. but a video is not a static image. it moves. when someone comes in and starts talking over the image it ruins it for the other patrons that are trying to enjoy the work. if a film is 30 or 50 minutes long – it’s very difficult for someone to go back and see what they missed due to the rudeness of a tour guide. when it comes to video/film work – the work should be discussed prior to seeing it or after it or both. there is no reason to discuss the work while it is being shown. this whole experience ruined my enjoyment of the show so much that i almost asked for my money back.

christmas in september. due to some unforeseen circumstances my friend erin wasn’t able to mail out my combination xmas/bday gift from last year until now. and now that she has boy am i happy!

the goodies: a copy of the sun literary magazine, dvd of the wonderfalls tv show(i’ve never heard of the show, but erin digs it and thought i might as well), other dvds: his girl friday, at war with the army, pot o’ gold, beat the devil, a stuffed snoopy, a bad badtz maru stuffed animal(my favourite sanrio character – i seem to be amassing a bit of collection – i think i have close to ten now), a siouxsie 7″ single from that creatures 2004 tour(i’ve been on a bit of a sioux kick lately so i’m very happy about this), a cd by hana(a collaboration between jeff greinke and anisa romero(of sky cries mary) – erin said she didn’t care for it but figured i’d want it for my greinke collection – which i do – but i’m not sure i’ll care for it much more, a cdr by weapon shop(erin’s husband’s band) which i’m looking forward to giving a spin, some cool postcards(i’m still dying to see nomi song)and an electra woman action figure. i already have the action figure but i’m happy to have a second. maybe i can pretend one of them is dyna girl since as far as i know they never made a figure of her. a bigger picture of the goodies can be found here.

also in the package was a lot of xmas chocolate candy. i wonder if it’s still good? unfortunately our apartment is having a bit of an ant problem these days. if you leave a drink out too long, out come the ants. well, after opening this package i went to work only to notice upon returning some ants had discovered the package…arrgh.

this week’s audioscrobbler chart. they had problems again so it took them quite awhile to get the charts up(they’re usually generated on sunday).

as evident by this week’s chart, i recently picked up a honey cone double cd which i’ve been loving. i was introduced to their fabulous talents by scrubbles. for some reason i didn’t think any of their stuff had been re-issued on cd when in fact all of it has.

meg over at quiddity has started using audioscrobbler too. so now we can all see how often she listens to the spice girls.

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