today is the mid-autumn moon festival. so most of peter’s family came over this afternoon to bbq and hang out. it’s been a long time since i’ve seen most of them. it’s a bit of a change considering most of his siblings have been our roomates at one time or another. i hadn’t seen peter’s youngest sister’s daughter since she started walking. she kept coming into the computer room to check out my toys and to do a little jig to whatever i happened to be listening to(honey cone seemed to be a hit with her).

after they left peter and i went to guanghua computer market so he could buy some things for the new computer he’s putting together. before we headed home we decided to stop by a dvd shop. you’d think i’d have enough dvds after what i bought in korea, but no. i came away with three more:

these were all marked down quite a bit so i couldn’t pass them up. i even saw a disc with two episodes of charlie’s angels on it. i had no idea that had even been released here. i was tempted but passed on it.