christmas in september. due to some unforeseen circumstances my friend erin wasn’t able to mail out my combination xmas/bday gift from last year until now. and now that she has boy am i happy!

the goodies: a copy of the sun literary magazine, dvd of the wonderfalls tv show(i’ve never heard of the show, but erin digs it and thought i might as well), other dvds: his girl friday, at war with the army, pot o’ gold, beat the devil, a stuffed snoopy, a bad badtz maru stuffed animal(my favourite sanrio character – i seem to be amassing a bit of collection – i think i have close to ten now), a siouxsie 7″ single from that creatures 2004 tour(i’ve been on a bit of a sioux kick lately so i’m very happy about this), a cd by hana(a collaboration between jeff greinke and anisa romero(of sky cries mary) – erin said she didn’t care for it but figured i’d want it for my greinke collection – which i do – but i’m not sure i’ll care for it much more, a cdr by weapon shop(erin’s husband’s band) which i’m looking forward to giving a spin, some cool postcards(i’m still dying to see nomi song)and an electra woman action figure. i already have the action figure but i’m happy to have a second. maybe i can pretend one of them is dyna girl since as far as i know they never made a figure of her. a bigger picture of the goodies can be found here.

also in the package was a lot of xmas chocolate candy. i wonder if it’s still good? unfortunately our apartment is having a bit of an ant problem these days. if you leave a drink out too long, out come the ants. well, after opening this package i went to work only to notice upon returning some ants had discovered the package…arrgh.