art inspired by they might be giants. i would have loved to have seen this show, but at least i can enjoy the online version. aaron leighton the artist responsible for the piece above had this to say about its inspiration:

To be honest, the song that I chose, “Spiraling Shape”, was the only They Might Be Giants tune I’d ever heard. Even though I obviously was not the hugest fan of their music, I was a big fan of a Canadian comedy troupe called Kids in the Hall who were very popular in the mid to late 90’s. In 1996 they did a feature-length film titled “Brain Candy”, a story about a scientist who creates a happy drug with frightening side-effects, and the song was on the soundtrack. Full of psychotropic imagery and ominous warnings, “Spiraling Shape” was a perfect compliment to the movie as well as a framework for what I always imagined could be some interesting visuals. As such, this show was a great chance to follow through on this thought and create a piece depicting a character having some sort of drug-induced, sanity-bending experience: “The spiraling shape will make you go insane!”

how can you beat that for inspiration? not only they might be giants but kids in the hall. now i’m itching to see braincandy again. hmm. via gmtplus9.