saturday is world toy camera day. a day when toy cam enthusiasts get out their cameras and go and shoot. over on you’ll be able to submit your best toy cam shot from that day and even win some prizes if yours is voted as best. the competition isn’t such an important aspect of it – but just an excuse to shoot and see some great toy cam shots. it was last year’s world toy camera day that got me to buy my first holga. i haven’t looked back since.

unfortunately, i have to work on world toy camera day, but i’ll still manage to shoot a roll or two if the weather cooperates. a few days ago i even had a dream about wtcd. in the dream i walked past a group of people lining up on an embankment near a fence. they all had toy cameras around their necks. when i asked what was going on they said they were meeting up for world toy camera day. i was surprised there were so many people there(oddly enough they were all foreigners), and sad i had to work so i couldn’t join them. then i woke up. in reality i suspect there will only be two or three people in taiwan taking part in world toy camera day.

speaking of pictures, i’ve started to post my malaysia shots over on flickr.