since my scheldule changed, i was able to get tickets for the screening that sissy boy slap party was a part of. it was pretty hillarious. like a kenneth anger sailor movie filtered through the absurdity that is guy maddin. also on the bill was another guy maddin short about a mexican wrestling match, redemption, and cannibalism. all the finer things in life. the other shorts shown by other filmmakers were interesting too. one called “the intervention” was about a group of friends who had a friend they were sure was gay and wanting him to admit it(and show they supported him). are interventions only a new york thing? i don’t think i’ve known anyone who’s actually attended one. i have sort of mixed feelings about this film, as i’m not sure it’s a good thing to force people to admit things that they may not be ready to.

tonight when i got home and looked at my other film festival tickets i realized i had a screening at 12:50 this afternoon that i was supposed to attend but completely forgot about. well, so much for the digital shorts competition c. augh.