upon returning home i found a box sitting on top of the mailbox. the box contained three recent dvd purchases i’d made. unseen cinema, avantgarde cinema and the documentary how to draw a bunny about the life of ray johnson. i’m not too pleased that they were set on top of our mailbox outside. god only knows how long they’d sit there if we’d been gone a long time. i wouldn’t be too happy if they’d gotten stolen because of a lazy postman.

i’m slowly working my way through the ag set. the manray films are wonderful, and i’m surprised i wasn’t shown these when i read his bio for an art class. i especially liked the portions of his films that used rayographs. aside from the manray films i’ve watched a few of the hans richter films. one of which i remember seeing in an art class or film class. the one where the hats float around by themselves. it was referenced in a robyn hitchcock video as well, but i forget which one. something about raymond chandler if i remember correctly.